Sunday, March 22, 2015

Family Fun!

I'm going to start off and tell you that I LOVE this family! Seriously LOVE! I met them a few years back when Jeremy was getting ready to be deployed. They wanted to have some family memories to spread across the house for the kids. Such a great idea. So here they are now- dads home and another baby has arrived. We had a beautiful Fall evening together.. They kids were playful and came with lots of cuteness! Sometimes children are a bit nervous when they first see me with my big black camera. But not these little ones… I got some hugs & giggles right way. I often try to bring a cute toy or some small little treats BUT this particular day I was empty handed.  

Most of my photos are candid but I try to do some posed shots in the beginning or when I know the kids are settled. I can't imagine making a child sit and try to capture that perfect posed photo the whole session. That stinks for them, me & the parents! Each session is new & exciting AND always different.  I just come with my camera and a few needed props AND snap away… It always ends up being fun for us all!  Enjoy this adorable family! 

The Williams Family…

This session. This Family. This Sun. This Little Peanut! Oh they have my heart!! Meeting up with the Williams Family was so much fun. They are both such amazing parents and the Love they have just shines. Seriously we had some sunshine-ing going on. They were eager to capture these little memories of their nine month MacRae. She is a doll with a happy personality that makes you just want to smile & laugh around her. I kinda went crazy with the amazing Fall Light & the Fall colors popping everywhere we turned.  It was such a special afternoon for us all.  Enjoy this beautiful family that has encouraged me by such stunning images to get back to blogging! So here I am…  

I'm BACK to blogging! I was searching & searching for a new blog but I decided to keep my old one. I'm excited to get back into showcases more of my work (not just on Facebook)  Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Getting Creative...!

Love this session!  I enjoyed getting creative with this family.... The sun was shinning, props were out, grasses green & long, smiling kids and was the best!  

Gwen Turns Two....!

(Just catching up on my I'm only posting a few from each session)

This little one is a favorite!  She turned two so we had a special photo session just for her!  Love it! Gwen is a beautiful little girl with a loving spirit.  She was all smiles for the camera even though the weather was awful.  We even had some sprinkles...ugh!  Everything is so bright and GREEn...the beauty of Spring! Enjoy this sweetie..

Sweet Dreams...

Since I'm VERY behind on my blogging....I will try to catch up by posting a few from each session.  Once I catch up- I will try to post more than what you see on Facebook.  I loved spending time with Grant...he was a sleepy dreamy baby! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

A Country Bride...

 Oh Beautiful Bride.... We did it up country style! We found some of the most gorgeous spots in Willow Springs. Kristen has spunk, sweet, country, sass and beauty all packed into one.  Amazing bride and so much fun to photograph!