Sunday, March 22, 2015

Family Fun!

I'm going to start off and tell you that I LOVE this family! Seriously LOVE! I met them a few years back when Jeremy was getting ready to be deployed. They wanted to have some family memories to spread across the house for the kids. Such a great idea. So here they are now- dads home and another baby has arrived. We had a beautiful Fall evening together.. They kids were playful and came with lots of cuteness! Sometimes children are a bit nervous when they first see me with my big black camera. But not these little ones… I got some hugs & giggles right way. I often try to bring a cute toy or some small little treats BUT this particular day I was empty handed.  

Most of my photos are candid but I try to do some posed shots in the beginning or when I know the kids are settled. I can't imagine making a child sit and try to capture that perfect posed photo the whole session. That stinks for them, me & the parents! Each session is new & exciting AND always different.  I just come with my camera and a few needed props AND snap away… It always ends up being fun for us all!  Enjoy this adorable family! 

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